Hope on the Golden Gate Bridge: Sergeant Kevin Briggs at TED2014


A wonderful man…who just listened

Originally posted on TED Blog:

Kevin Briggs. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Kevin Briggs. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Sergeant Kevin Briggs recently retired from the California Highway Patrol after 23 years of service, the majority of which included patrolling the southern end of Marin County, which includes the Golden Gate Bridge. And that means that he has frequently responded to suicide attempts.

The bridge, while an iconic structure, has also been the site where more than 1,600 people have jumped to their death. The bridge has been romanticized, Briggs suggests, with some even believing “that traveling between the two towers takes you to another dimension, that the fall frees you from all your worries and grief, and the water will cleanse your soul.”

Briggs tells us what really happens: After a fall of 4-5 seconds, jumpers hit the water at about 75 mph. The fall crushes the spine and breaks many bones, some of which puncture vital organs. Most die on impact. Of…

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